Attic Fan and some fault face by users


The attic fan is a great invention by humans. This fan is used in all products like inside computers, home theatres, chimney etc. for suction of air and provide cooling.

In the case of professionally human, it will be used for exhaust or for ventilation purpose. The attic fan is very popular in the world because all peoples or customer are not able to afford chimney due to its cost or sometimes due to its space consumption. That’s reason attic fan are most popular.

Many of the countries this fan are installed in their washroom or their kitchen instead of chimney because this device help to ventilates poor odour of room or heat also. But sometimes these fans are not properly worked and its circulation speed was downed due to unknown reason and hard to say that this issue is the major fault of this machines.

So don’t worry about this article we discuss Attic fan hack and how we will prevent and cure such type of faults. Because some peoples have not enough money to buy a chimney or heat sucker machine but they want to make a healthy house.

If you are a victim of such issue so please try to follow the complete blog

List of Some faults occurs in attic fans

When using this fan we face very lot of issue such as

  • Coils of the fan are damaged
  • Lagging of Speed

These above faults are caused in attic fans due to some reason and these reasons are discussed below. Read them and follow them

Why this fault occurs and how we cure it

We know about some error those occur in our fan so read this section properly and get proper solution for it

  • Coils of a fan are damaged

These fan coils are very delicate and these are usually made for the purpose of small use so when we operate this machine over the power at that time we face this error. In short, the only precaution is use politely with giving the full care of it. Some cure is clean daily, Do proper oiling within 2-3 month. In case you are not able to do such thing then try to call Geek Squad tech support and get proper maintenance of your product.

  • Lagging of Speed

Sometimes this issue was caused due to voltage or power issue but the main reason is the burning of condenser capacitor inside the fan. And it’s one and the only solution is to change the condenser capacitor from the genuine store or from Geek Squad customer service.

I hope you will be fine from the above solution but you are not happy with the above solution then try to contact Geek Squad Support. They will provide expert advice for it.